Award winning singer/songwriter Randy Lewis Brown, despite being well past his prime and having an early bedtime, can still take an audience on a magical journey of discovery with his story telling and songs. Hailing from what he describes as the Upper East Side of Texas, his songs are tightly packed with sadness, wonder, joy, humor, philosophy as well as a tiny tad of that subtle southern smart-ass. With guitar, mandolin and voice alone he will guide you through his rich inner world and you will find yourself in the exact spot where the wide open spaces of the West meet the mossy confines of southern pine forests and mysteries are laid bare.


November 27, 2019 - Mike Greenblatt - The Aquarian Weekly - Rant -N- Roll

Interesting review from Mike. He talks about how the record feels rather than sound. I love this kind of stuff.

"These highly unusual songs might haunt you".

November 4, 2019 - Tom Haugen of Take Effect reviews says this about Red Crow:

"A listen with strong, vivid imagery and incredible musicianship, Randy Lewis Brown has been at it for 5 decades now, and it certainly shows in his stirring, calculated and instantly memorable song craft."

October 31, 2019 - Paul Wilson of Audiophile Review says this about Red Crow:

"Originally from Shreveport and raised in Texas, it seems natural Country music would be in Brown's blood. Yet, however, Brown is also a magnificent storyteller. He weaves tales of despair and redemption, loneliness, and sings about times past."

October 15, 2019 - Check my homemade videos for Not Ready Yet, October Again and One Horse Town from RED CROW. Soon to be released as videos are Barlow Road and Red Crow. Click on the video tab or the link below


September 27 2019 Red Crow has flown

Today we released Red Crow into the world

Here are the places you can hear or buy 




 Apple Music








 Please check it out and send me a review if you like. I would love to hear your thoughts!!






 September 24 2019 - Jim Hynes with Making A Scene wrote a killer review of Red Crow. 

Making a Scene Red Crow Review

Aug 28 2019  - Red Crow is doing very well and getting quite a bit of chart love even before it's release. 

It is up to #34 on the Roots Radio Top 50 Americana/Country Chart. Really excited to see this!

Root Radio Chart Aug 2019

JUNE 20 2019: It’s getting closer and I am getting excited for you to hear what we have created.  We are in the first stages of releasing Red Crow. Radio promotion to folk and Americana radio is in progress by Bill Wence Promotions. Keep your ears peeled this next month to Americana, Folk and college radio and you might hear a song or two off the album.  I am also announcing the official release date with a short video featuring the album art as well as a tad of the title song. 

Red Crow Release Announcement Video:

Let me know what you think. More info coming soon.

JUNE 2019 - I am very happy to say that Berkalin Records - - officially announced my affiliation with their wonderful boutique label. I am thrilled. The official release date for Red Crow is September 27 2019. I will be releasing singles this summer and radio promotion will begin in June. You may hear a track or two on you local Americana/Folk station this summer. If so please let me know. 

March 2019 -Big news!! I am really excited, we have finished mixing my new 13 song record, RED CROW.  Legendary drummer Merel Bregante of Loggins & Messina produced it and I believe it is the best thing I have ever done. I won’t be releasing the record until fall but will be releasing a couple of singles from it this summer. So stay tuned.

August 2018 - Recording has begun on my newest release, tentatively titled; HARD TRUTH and GOOD LIES. Work is ongoing at Merel Bregante’s marvelous Cribworks Studio in Liberty Hill, TX. I expect to release my first single from the record early 2019 with a full record release to follow soon thereafter.  

July 2018- I am honored to have received honorable mention for a 3rd time at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okema, OK.

January 2018 - very excited to have been selected as a winner in the South Florida Folk Festival in Fort Lauderdale. Even more excited and honored to be appearing main stage in the January 2019 Festival. 2019 date to follow when available.