Award winning singer/songwriter (BrownRandy) Randy Brown, despite being well past his prime and having an early bedtime, can still take an audience on a magical journey of discovery with his story telling and songs. Hailing from what he describes as the Upper East Side of Texas, his songs are tightly packed with sadness, wonder, joy, humor, philosophy as well as a tiny tad of that subtle southern smart-ass. With guitar, mandolin and voice alone he will guide you through his rich inner world and you will find yourself in the exact spot where the wide open spaces of the West meet the mossy confines of southern pine forests and mysteries are laid bare. 


I am excited to have been selected as a WINNER at the songwriting competition for the South Florida Folk Festival January 13, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Back from a 3 week tour with 2 time KFF New Follk finalist songwriter Randy Palmer as The RandyBoys - Live CD coming sometime in 2018